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Acrylic artwork Welcome to my gallery, showing a selection of my recent work.

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I have work available for local/regional exhibitions please contact me for further details.

Acrylic on Canvas

An Audience with... (50cm x 60cm) Window Dresser (50cm x 60cm) Scarlet Drape (50cm x 60cm)
Large Just Peachy (40cm x 40cm) Tulip Dance (50cm x 50cm) A Summer Night (40cm x 40cm)
High Fidelity on Canvas (50cm x 60cm) Drama Class (50cm x 60cm) The Chair from Almost Gemini (50cm x 60cm)
Twister (60cm x 50cm) The Ruby Cushion (25cm x 25cm)
The Beach (60cm x 50cm) A Strong Arm (60cm x 90cm) Red Velvet (70cm x 50cm)
Dubai (60cm x 70cm) On Points (60cm x 90cm) Monica (100cm x 70cm)
Through the Flames (60cm x 70cm) Caged (50cm x 50cm)

Anna Rose
Shall We Dance

I now have a selection of original artwork and limited edition prints for sale on the site, click here to browse the available artworks.